Game Theory Optimal (GTO) poker has become increasingly popular in recent years, and one of the essential tools used by GTO players is the solver. Solvers are software programs that help players analyze and optimize their strategies by simulating different scenarios and providing recommendations based on the principles of game theory. In this article, we'll explore how solvers work, the benefits of using them, and how to incorporate their recommendations into your play.

How Solvers Work

Solvers work by simulating thousands of different poker scenarios and analyzing the optimal strategies for each. They take into account factors such as position, range, board texture, and pot odds to provide recommendations on what the most profitable play would be in any given situation. Solvers use complex algorithms to calculate the expected value of different actions and provide feedback on how to balance your strategy to avoid being exploited by your opponents. In our pinion the best solver currently available is GTO Wizard

Benefits of Using Solvers

One of the primary benefits of using solvers is that they help players develop a deeper understanding of the game. By analyzing thousands of scenarios and identifying optimal strategies, solvers can provide insights that would be difficult to obtain through manual analysis. This helps players refine their decision-making process and make more informed decisions in real-time.

Another benefit of using solvers is that they can help players avoid common mistakes. Solvers can identify situations where players are deviating from optimal strategy and provide recommendations on how to correct these mistakes. This helps players improve their game and avoid costly errors that can negatively impact their results.

Incorporating Solver Recommendations into Your Play

While solvers can be highly beneficial for improving your game, it's essential to know how to incorporate their recommendations into your play effectively. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that solvers provide guidance on optimal play but don't take into account other factors such as table dynamics, player tendencies, and bluffing opportunities. It's crucial to use solver recommendations as a starting point for your strategy and adjust your play based on other relevant factors.

Another key consideration when using solvers is to focus on balancing your strategy. Solvers are designed to help players play in a theoretically perfect way, which means that they seek to minimize the risk of being exploited by opponents. Balancing your strategy helps to prevent opponents from identifying weaknesses in your game and taking advantage of them. However, it's also essential to be aware that over-balancing can lead to predictable play and make it easier for opponents to exploit your strategy.


In summary, solvers are an essential tool for GTO players. They help players analyze and optimize their strategies, avoid common mistakes, and refine their decision-making process. However, it's important to remember that solvers provide recommendations on optimal play and should be used in conjunction with other relevant factors. By incorporating solver recommendations into your play and focusing on balancing your strategy, you can improve your game and become a more successful GTO player. In our opinion the best solver currently available is GTO Wizard