Knowing how to continue in a hand when your opponent squeezes can be a very confusing situation in a Poker game. We have now added charts to help you combat this confusion from all pre flop positions. You will now know the optimal game theory strategy when you find yourself in these uncomfortable positions. Flat, 4 Bet, Shove or Fold are all options and are with our GTO balanced strategy you can now further add to your poker arsenal a balanced GTO counter strategy to those annoying pre-flop squeezes.

What is Squeezing?

Squeezing is a powerful play in poker where a player raises the bet after an initial raise, forcing other players to fold weaker hands. This is done in order to extract more value from strong hands, as the initial raiser may have a weaker hand than expected. Squeezing is usually performed by a player who has a strong hand and believes that the original raiser may have a weaker hand. It can be a risky move, as it requires a strong understanding of the players and the dynamics of the game.

What GTO Strategy to use when you are Squeezed?

Squeezed when you are out of position

When you are squeezed from Out of Position in a 6 Max Poker game you don't need to panic and shove all your premium hands and fold the rest. You should be trying to keep a strategy which is Game Theory Optimal and consequently a well balanced strategy. The below screenshot is from our GTO Poker Charts and is a perfectly balanced strategy for when you are Under the Gun and are squeezed by the Button.
In the example shown if your holding is A5s you should 4 Bet 33% of the time. If on the other hand you were to hold AA you would 4 Bet 100% of the time.

Random Number Generation

In the above example how do we know when to bet 33% of the time.

   On every page of our charts you will find a random number generator. Using this you will know when to bet or not bet. Again, using the above example if your holding is A5s you should 4 Bet 33% of the time. In this instance we would not bet and only bet if the RNG is 33 or under.

 Squeezed when you are in Position

The next screenshot is a perfectly balanced strategy for when you are Under the Gun and are squeezed by the Big Blind. You are therefore In Position vs The Squeezer
In this scenario if your holding is A5s you should 4 Bet 10% of the time, Call 10% of the time and fold the rest. The fact that you are in Position against the Big Blind means that you can think about calling a little more often.  As you can also see 88, 77, 66 can now be called 10% of the time. Compare this with the above chart and these hands are folded 100% of the time. This again is mainly due to the fact that you are in Position vs the Squeezer.


Squeezing or being squeezed in Poker can sometimes be a little confusing, especially if you are trying to maintain a balanced GTO strategy. This need not be the case if you are well prepared.

Our GTO Poker Charts will give you that balance in any 6 Max No Limit Holdem Game from any position and in almost all possible scenarios.


Video on Squeezing